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    What's Your New Year's Resolution
    Well, my resolution for 2011 will be to become more active in the forums and focus.
    I went outsourcing crazy in 2010 and really lost site of my forum posts, so this year, I will look to join "real" forums and contribute my own mind and advice.

    Then I will focus on all of my sites. I sit at the computer and get distracted by everything. Email being the biggest. So, I'm going to focus this year.

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    Only one: to fly more.

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    I don't normally make new years resolutions, but I'd like to share on a resolution I've been working on over the past few years. I'd just like to have more of a heart toward others and be more humbled in regard to my abilities. I don't want to focus so much on work and would like to strive for more meaning in my life than simply making a living.

    - Scott
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snib View Post
    I don't want to focus so much on work and would like to strive for more meaning in my life than simply making a living.
    Completely agree with you there. My resolutions year after year focused on my image: First it was lose weight. Achieved that - healthy or not - so next goal was to tone up. Achieved that, so then had to find something else - compete in some ridiculous bodybuilding show. Trained like hell and killed my body and was miserable for 12 weeks (thanks to my man who put up with me!). As this new years approached, kept thinking, what's left.. what can I do now? Then started to realized I just need to stop... I don't need a resolution, I don't have any big goal I want to set.. I don't need that to motivate me daily to do the things I need to do.. I just want to stop worrying, working, or working towards something and just be.. spend more time with family, friends, traveling, turning the bb off and enjoying where I was.. So it's not really a goal guess it's just my new way of being. Maybe I have just one minor goal.. or more of a mission.. win a seat to the WSOP!

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    My new year's resolution
    My resolution: Stay Focused!

    I actually bought a white board and wrote my month goal across the top. Below are the task for the week I need to accomplish. Whenever my mind starts to wander or I'm getting sidetracked, a quick glance at the white board is my reality check.

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