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    January 18th, 2005
    During the past week or so (actually, almost continuously) I have experienced the ongoing plunge of customer service in general firsthand. If it can be limited to this.

    For one, a popular directory listing (not Yahoo) who just by chance deleted me from their database partway through our obligation term -- over $300 fee. For two -- a pay per click organization (rather not say who) who is one of the biggest out there, arrived at a double-bill amount that just showed up on my credit card statement, and there have been others.

    My point is, what is really becoming huge is the need for quality customer service. Common sense huh? But why isn't anybody doing anything? You hear how bad things are getting. Yet nobody is doing anything. SO mnay people, I'm talking about millions, just don't seem to care.

    I'm coming to beleive that many of the companies you deal with today do have to be monitored or at least closely tracked.

    One possible answer? Why not develop a comprehensive yet user friendly customer service rating system for the general public, for companies and stores they interact with?

    View buyer experiences before the purchase.
    (not talking about a simple rating system, available onsite or editable by an admin person). What I'm talking about more interactive feedback than a forum. What I'm talking about all cards on the table. Accountability at the individual level.

    While addressing the other part of the problem, that of initiative (not exactly policing powers) could and should be integrated in an informative manner.

    Is the problem -- how to pay for or subsidize such an endeavor while keeping it neutral?

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    January 18th, 2005
    Check out I think that is perhaps along the lines of what you are talking about.

    We (my family) and many, many other people visit this site before we book ANY holiday!

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