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    just looking over my reversals and checking chargeback %
    Ecost 25-34%
    Etronics 0%

    Does this mean Etronics has a better cart system? I also don't understand Invalid CC. Do merchants who use this as a reason have bad cart systems too? There have been times where i'm about to buy something with a credit card online and accidently hit a wrong number and i get invalid credit card so i go back and put the correct # in and everything works. How can there be reversals for invalid cc when it should have been caught at checkout and the sale should never go thru. Is this something to look for in a merchant. If they used invalid cc a lot maybe thats saying something about them, that they can't afford a good cart system?

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    It's more than the cart system.

    Credit Card Processing on the Internet is a very complex topic by itself.

    To say it simple. Some merchants can not, are not allow to or do not want to charge the credit card (sale) online for the full order amount. The reasons vary from merchant to merchant, since a huge number of things must be considered by the merchant (legal, technical, costs etc.).

    However, A simple mathematical check of the credit card should be performed by any merchant, just to avoid unnecessary use of the credit card processing service.

    I have a simple function in ASP (Active Server Pages) which does that. This function can catch typos and bogus credit card numbers, but can not determine, if the credit card number was issued or if the card is really valid. It's just a mathematical check, if the card could be a valid credit card number or not.

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    Last 12 months for 8723 CC transactions with 4 bad reversals. All overseas purchases for multiple items. Now go figure why a 1% merchant selling at full street prices has 30% reversals. Overstock and TigerDirect averave under 1%

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