So, I don't think I've wished everyone a Happy New Year yet, but consider this it. And in the spirit of the New Year and Resolutions, I introduce a contest to you:

On the Groublogpon (our very clever blog) we are running a super contest in conjunction with a great feature we've been running in multiple markets.

Cool news, the feature Fit Orbit, is an online deal that can be used anywhere.
Today it's running in Corpus Christi.

The contest information can be found here.

But here's a sneak peak:

Groupon and FitOrbit are rewarding the new and improved you with the ultimate giveaway: One lucky soul will win a trip to LA for a personal fitness consultation with FitOrbit founder Jake Steinfeld, and dozens of others will be awarded a grab bag of consolation goodies sure to ignite envy in friends and neighbors across the globe.

Check it out and feel free to share with your site visitors.