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    Incentive website
    I am looking for some direction. I plan to start an incentive website to pay out to charities of the users desired charity. I want the user to create an account with my website, then select which charity they want to have the proceeds go to. The problem is I have no idea how to track what user bought what so I can forward the money to the proper charity.

    I realize there is software out there that can track this kind of stuff. Can someone please tell me what I need to do and maybe some good proven software that can help me get this done.


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    if you are planning on doing this where your site has affiliate links to merchants, most merchants want to keep the visitors/buyers to themselves.

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    Well what If it was for like little league teams? all the parents would sign up and all money generated would go to their corresponding baseball team? How can I track that?

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    On a really really simple level, the user signs in. Then, on any link they click, you would put their ID on the URL so it would display on the network that they clicked. You would then have to keep track of all purchases through all networks.

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    FTC Regulations
    I would check the FTC regulations before getting a "How To: Online marketing for Dummies" book. It's really going to depend on your network you're working with, if you are working with one, and what types of incentives you are offering. Remember your offers have to actually back out and be 100% truthful to the consumer.

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