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    Groupon: Hello mobile!
    I am pleased to announce that Groupon mobile tracking has passed through testing and is now live and available! Many thanks to our CJ testing team as well as Rick Gardiner and our phenomenal Groupon dev team.

    You don't need to do anything on your end, everything's already set up. If someone views your site on their mobile phone, clicks through one of your Groupon affiliate links, and completes a purchase using their cell phone, you'll earn commission.

    I truly believe that mobile is where commerce is headed. If any of you have bought a Groupon on your phone, you know how slick and easy the transaction process is. By enabling mobile tracking for affiliates, I hope some of you will start playing around with app creation, QR codes, SMS campaigns, geo-targeted mobile device marketing, etc.

    There are so many new toys to play with once you leave the computer behind. Think about this. If you are a taxi driver, and you make a lot of runs to the airport, wouldn't it be fantastic to have a QR code in your backseat with an embedded affiliate link in it to daily deals? The cell phone is the only electronic device that is constantly on and within arm's reach of a consumer.

    Anyway, with that, I leave you with this Internet Retailer article, which says that in the three month period ending November 2010, almost 4 million mobile users in the US accessed m-commerce sites and/or apps at least once a week:
    Mobile Commerce - 7.3 million mobile phone users shop via mobile monthly
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    Quote Originally Posted by CTanK View Post
    If any of you have bought a Groupon on your phone, you know how slick and easy the transaction process is.
    I've bought a Groupon while driving down the road.

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    /me does not endorse affiliate marketing whilst driving, Michael! Be safe

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    Hi Carolyn.

    Glad to see you're at Groupon. Wishing you the best on their team and I'm sure you'll be a big contributor to their success.

    I just applied for Groupon affiliate marketing through CJ.

    I agree with you that there should be a whole new world of opportunities in mobile affiliate marketing and it looks like Groupon is enabling it in a big way so I'm anxious to dig in.

    I've been focusing on content sites for the evolving mobile space without a good way to monetize the traffic so a widget for local ads should open the door. One thing I'm wondering is if there's a way with Groupon to monetize repeat traffic over long periods of time. Maybe you could clarify this since I'm a Groupon newby. Thanks.

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