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    How do I work with companies that don't have an affiliate program?
    First time post. Hope I am in the right place. Please advise if there is a better place to post this question.

    I have an opportunity to introduce affiliate marketing to some companies with great potential. They are not currently doing affiliate marketing. How do I position myself as an affilate program vendor and earn points on affilate driven sales?


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    Moderator Note: Thread moved and title made more descriptive.

    I've found it much more productive to just focus on those merchants who DO have affiliate programs. With those who don't, there are many challenges:

    1) Finding the right person to convince.
    2) Getting them to invest the time and money to set up a program.
    3) Getting them to continue to invest the time and money it takes to run a program.
    4) Getting them to optimize their site to convert well.

    Affiliate programs seem to work much better if the initiative comes from the merchant rather than trying to push the merchant to do what they should.

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    Thanks for the response!

    If someone were to ask: "How do I develop an affiliate program for my company" where would you send them first?


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    There is a good section here to help people get a good idea of what is involved and how to do things right: Starting an Affiliate Program & Merchant Q&A - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum

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