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    Looking for a piece of timing software
    I have new radio show and one of the things I want to do is build a pretty specific script with timing notes. At 5 minutes should be doing this, at 10 minutes this, etc. etc.

    Have you heard of of piece of software where you can preload show notes with approximate timing points. Then when the show starts you 'start' the script and it just highlights where you should be based on your predefined plan?

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    Try a search for autocue software. These range from very simple to highly complex pieces of software suitable for video teleprompting. Not sure if one of these will meet your needs, but it's a starting point.

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    I used to use a product called MediaCleaner to add subtitles to web videos that you might be able to bend to do what you want. If you have access to Flash developer, you could build one pretty easily. Are you Mac or PC? If you are PC you could maybe use MovieMaker in the timeline mode and use the title tool as your method of adding your notes.

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    There are iPhone apps for it, too.

    I think you can time PowerPoint presentations.

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