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    Can someone other than me - oops too late - start a thread about the Happy things about the THANKFUL things about being an affiliate.

    That means we can't include the phrase "this merchant is a $%^%, that network is a %^&*, parasites stole my kid, and Mike - you can't use the word WANK unless it's in conjunction with HAPPY!

    There's lots of GOOD things that happen to us as affiliates (like those odd $1000 sales every once in a while, or discovering a merchant the works in every way we want it to work) - or we wouldn't be doing what we do - and it IS the season...

    So I'll start it off with

    #1: I'm happy the spending season is upon us. So far, I'm real happy.

    #2: I'm happy with some of the things I learned here at ABW this year that are contributing to my sales.

    #3. I'm happy CJ is moving in the right direction.

    #4. I'm happy Kelle is on our side!!

    #5. WAAAAY glad Haiko gave me a place to vent!

    #6. I'm happy Mr Sal's English is coming along and I can finally understand his posts! Still working on an interpreter for Mike & Charlie though, but if you paste a M&C post into AltaVista and translate it into German, it actually makes sense!

    (I'll stop here. Don't want the next poster calling me Sappy because of one weak nice moment!!!)

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    Billy if you wanna be a sap come sit over here by me. I get all misty eyed when I think about the freedom affiliate marketing has made possible for me.

    It's all about being independent for me. I have no boss, I have no staff and I have no worries about being laid off. I can do as much or as little work as I choose and I can schedule my work periods around my own needs and the needs of my family. I can contribute financially to our household on my own terms. If I screw up there's no one to blame me but myself, and if I do good I reap the benefits.

    It's a good life and merry! (To paraphrase a favorite pirate saying.)

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>
    #6. I'm happy Mr Sal's English is coming along and I can finally understand his posts! Still working on an interpreter for Mike & Charlie though, but if you paste a M&C post into AltaVista and translate it into German, it actually makes sense!

    Thanks Billy Kay,

    My bad grammar and spelling of the English language is the main reason why I sometimes don't get to heavily involved on some thread's.

    I am trying to improve my English writing skills so I can finish my book and at the same time try to beat Mike & Charlie long posts with my own, even longer posts.

    I don't feel to bad with my writing in English, specially when I compare my writing with those around here that are supposed to have more experience with writing and posting in English, but wind up having a few typo's on their posts.

    The mean thing is to keep writing and posting. Practice Makes Perfect.

    # 7: I'm happy that since I joined ABW, my writing in English is getting better. ( sometimes )


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    far far away....
    what's there to be happy about?

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    I'll give thanks to affiliate marketing as it allows me to do many things....

    Like today I was bored with it and took the day off to go windsurfing. I spent the whole day out at sea and when I got home at five and checked my stats...

    whaddayou know... the sales kept coming in while I was out playing... work had a great day at work without me.

    Thank you aff marketing.

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    I love posting about affiliate marketing as it's taught me to type almost as fast as Charlie. It also offers me a platform to harmlessly rant on about the evils of this greed driven world without sounding like a liberal. You see the affiliate industry is a complete mini-version of the powers at play within this world trying to get over on each other.

    I envy Charlies sharp mind, unplugged from human biases and frailities, and his ability to mimic any voice or laugh. He's the bread winner here as I only run the automation equipment. You see he dictates, in multiple voices, both his liberal and conservative views on world and national events and I forward them to various big business and multiple news sources for publishing under various ghost writers names. The checks get mailed to a P.O. box under a Charlie charitable company name.

    Once I have a loyal ABW following hooked upon trying to decipher my ramblings the ebiz plan goes into action. Haiko has agreed I can sell secret decoder kits and autographed tin foil hats to my loyal fan base for $24.95 ...freight free.
    Webmaster's... Mike and Charlie

    "What have you done today to put real value into a referral click...from a shoppers viewpoint!"

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    Mr. Sal,

    I had posted a comment about english and grammar the other day in another thread where I said I thought it was important. I also said that I think, for those that have English as a second language, it amazing when they post as well as they do.

    This is definetly true in your case! I always like reading your posts. Keep it up!

    Now, what am I happy for? I am happy that my sites are at least still making enough money that I haven't had to totally give up yet.
    Life is like a dogsled team. If you ain't the lead dog, the scenery never changes.

    -- Lewis Grizzard

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    I am jealous of anyone who can speak, read, or write any language other than English.

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    I have to conclude that Mike is from a previously unknown 51st state as I can understand pretty much eveything else that anyone from the other 50 says, but.....

    It's like I recognise the words and the order seems familiar, but after half a sentence it just goes out of the window. I suspect his mind is organised like that suspender site.

    AM marketing - well I'm not sure what happens at this thanksgiving thing, but I'm very grateful for not having to have a boss all week, I'm also grateful that I earn more than the boss I do have part of the week with way less of the stress.

    I give thanks that I can earn money at my hobbies, that my own disordered mind, sort of like a giant text book made of random pages of others actually works well in this environment and I can flit around continually without getting bored.

    Currently I'm writing this, but I'm also part way through a summary of a widely debated but largely misunderstood scientific phenomenon. My email checks itself every 10 mins and that might give me something interesting to do instead, I'm scanning some slides and stop every now and then to file them and when I'm stuck for what to write next I can indulge my addiction to seeing how much I've made today or see if Googlebot has visited my forum yet now I've made the changes to help it spider it properly.

    Hmmm... you know that comment of a mind like that suspender site, well I've a confession to make...

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    1) I am happy that I am working in an industry that could facilitate early retirement

    2) I am happy that there will be a third big search engine player when Microsoft launches their in November.

    3) I am more happy than ever that I am a programmer affiliate instead of a hard-code affiliate

    4) I am happy my wife works at home with me and I get to spend every day, all day with her.

    5) I am happy AdSense turned some of my old, ultra-loved web sites into Diamonds.

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    I am happy that there are affiliates who send me a vote of confidence every now and then.

    I am thankful there are affiliates who can forgive an honest mistake (my stupidity in sending out broken links in my first Orbitz newsletter, how embarassing).

    I am happy to have found a core group of folks here that I can depend on for brutal honesty with a dash of moral support.


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