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    C J Tracking Codes
    Does anyone one know how many tracking code systems CJ uses?
    I click on a link and get merchant/?pid,then merchant/?affid=cj,then merchant/?pid my number Some merchants I get merchant/coupon , no code. Some go directly to there site with no code. Is this normal?

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    I do not know how much is this link but some of these links do not track sales.
    I write to CJ support and ask where is problem. But support dont know and now i wait ansver from merchant. but 2 month no response...
    I dont like CJ
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    Is this normal?
    Yes, this is normal. It is also seen with other networks, not just CJ.

    It is not the CJ tracking code, but rather the landing page being used by the merchant (i.e. the redirect URL to the merchant used by CJ).

    It has nothing to do with tracking via CJ. Some merchants want the PID passed to them (your first example) or which channel the click is coming from (your second example). This is for the merchant's own internal tracking/statistics but isn't affiliate tracking being done by CJ. It has nothing to do with CJ actually tracking the affiliate traffic. By the time you've arrived at the merchant's site, the click has already been tracked by CJ.

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    Yeah, this is the merchant side tracking. You won't see it on all merchants.

    Some use it for their internal tracking & possibly use the parameter to fire the CJ tracking code on the thank-you page, but it's entirely possible to just recognize the cookie & show the pixel to all customers.

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