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    Keyword Help - Optimizing your site
    Hey guys,

    i have attached a pdf showing the keywords that i have taken off Google Adwords keyword research tool regarding forex trading software.

    Now i am new to this but i was reading somewhere that when it comes to optimizing your site you should base your site around keywords that people who want to buy type into the search engine, not neglecting the most searched for terms.

    I am wanting to write a review site about the forex trading software that is available - there are a few decent affiliate programs for this software.

    In the attached file i have highlighted the main terms that are the most searched for terms that i will be sure to include in my review site. Also i have highlighted in blue the terms that i believe that have been typed into the search engine by people that may be interested in purchasing forex software.

    I would love to get some feedback about whether i am on track here in choosing the right keywords to base my site around.
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    You have chosen some highly competitive keywords, in fact the niche itself is very competitive. You will feel the heat when you go down there.

    One advice from me, Optimize a page with one keyword.

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    hey bro,
    i am i bit confused. are you trying to optimize your site with all of these keywords? including blue and yellow? i think it will be so much tough. people work for 1 key words for years and even can't get the desired goal.
    so i think select medium competitive 2/3 keywords and 2 key words of high search results. it will give you a mix effect and you will get good result.

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    All of them in one review website? Dude, there is no such thing, there are hundreds of thousands webmasters out there working on just one keyword and they did so many things to get on the first page on google, and you think it's possible for one website contains more than 20 keywords can get a good rank on SERP?

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