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    Google Analytics
    Is there a definitive guide on Google analytics does anyone know? I am in desperate need of a quick guide that will answer some of my questions with all the info in one place? Am I missing something? Any help would be much appreciated.

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    I have always found the help section of the Analytics site to be very helpful.

    Google Analytics - Report Overview Tour
    Contact Us - Conversion University Help
    Analytics Help

    It means a lot of reading but it is worth it!

    Best of luck!

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    The above references are pretty good. If you want to read more you or someone else might try this book: Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics, 2nd Edition (9780470562314): Brian Clifton: Books

    But it is a tough read. More for people that work on big projects rather than small.

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    5,904 has some great resources as well.

    If you have specific questions, please feel free to ask them here!
    Kevin Webster
    twitter: levelanalytics

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    Web Analytics and Affiliate Marketing

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    VKI studios created a great quick-start guide here - The Complete Google Analytics Power User Guide - VKI Studios Blog

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    Smile Google Analytics
    Thanks so much for the info - great to have people so willing to help! Will look up!

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    Kevin has a whole thread here about Google Analytics for affiliates: in case you missed his link.

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