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    Do Merchants "see" Publisher contact data?
    Do linkshare Merchants know or see Publisher contact data? or is it hidden from them?

    Meaning all communication is done through the linkshare system and "affiliate ids", etc.

    Anyone know - please advise,

    Thank you!

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    Advertisers affiliated can send email
    I believe that all of the LinkShare Advertisers I am affiliated with can send me emails, and, also, they can send me messages on LinkShare. They do not seem to abuse this in any way. That's based on a number of years that I have been on LinkShare. This seems to be used, like the messages on LinkShare, for information about promotions, new creative available, etc. I am not certain that those Advertisers have my email address. I suspect their emails to me may go through LinkShare, however, not sure about that.

    I do not believe the Advertisers I am affiliated with have any other contact data, in addition to my email address. Assuming that they have my email address.

    Advertisers I am not affiliated with send me messages, asking me to promote them, and for Private Offers. Those are usually sent to me on LinkShare, not via my regular email address.

    I have received some emails, from LinkShare staff working on the account (same company owns LinkShare and asking me to promote and from and possibly from other Advertisers.

    The 2 LinkShare Advertisers I promote the most, I exchange emails with, directly, with their AMs. And, I have spoken with them on the phone.

    If you can explain your concern(s) will try to answer them directly if I haven't with the above.

    HTH. Welcome to ABW!

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