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    Clicks on CJ
    Hello Everyone!

    My first post here. Lots of good stuff here too.

    Ok so here is my newbie question. I am checking stats on CJ and noticed a ton of clicks (some mine- I do work on it) but not nearly the clicks that occur in my CJ data for banner adverts over a week or month.

    Could these clicks (0 sales / leads) be bots or? How does that work? Could someone jacked with my stuff? I have encrypted my links but showing 800 clicks would translate to one sale or are they false hits? Is this typical?


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    Hi and welcome jman1,

    Are you running any analytics or webstats? That would be a good way track any odd traffic. (Search for analytics to see more) Are you using the SID? This would tell you to the exact link which is being used and perhaps where the traffic is coming from.

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    Thanks Canadian Dave,

    I am using analaytics however i have inserted code in my footer section of the wordpress site. Should it go elswehere? I was using SID but kept that out because ironically wasn't quite sure if that was a culprit, however I will put it back in now that you say that.

    Any other suggestions? Could bots be doing this in following them if not set to no follow?

    Thanks again,


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    CJ is supposed to be smart enough to disregard clicks from bots, of course there's always the chance that there's one that gets by. I think there's a badbots thread on here somewhere that allows you to log/control rogue bots to some extent.

    also if your links are in posts in wordpress for example (although it doesn't sound the case here) and your WP is configured to ping external links when posting, CJ will register them as clicks. It's not smart enough to know about them.

    having them as nofollow is a good idea regardless, but it's only as good as the bots that respect it
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    Think you got my click mystery solved...

    You may be on to something, ping is set to that would make much more sense to me--- thanks Canadian Dave and Bradk, more posting to do...

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