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Additional Pepperjam Network Reports

The affiliate marketing industry continues to innovate and, as a result, the volume/sales associated with affiliate marketing is becoming an increasingly larger part of the overall online revenue contribution. Expedient access to accurate data and conversion metrics is critical to our partners mutual success. In todays affiliate marketing landscape, advertisers use various methods of tracking sales with each offering benefits but each having drawbacks. Oftentimes, pixel based tracking is the preferred tracking method for advertisers and provides real time data to publishers. However, many advertisers cannot employ this tracking method due to shipping constraints and accounting regulations. Therefore, these advertisers utilize batch tracking, which unfortunately, is not reported in real time. For publishers, not having access to real time data can hinder their ability to make decisions about campaigns, performance and optimization.

To help both advertisers and publishers gain the benefits of real time demand data, while incorporating the need for delayed batch reporting, Pepperjam Network is introducing a new tracking technology, called Hybrid Tracking. On January 11, 2011, publishers will have access to three new reports on the Pepperjam Partner Platform:

Real Time Demand Report for Hybrid Tracking
Real Time SID Report for Hybrid Tracking
Order Status Report

Advertisers will have the option of using the traditional Pixel Tracking, or Hybrid Tracking which combines both real time and shipped order data. The new reports will only report data for advertisers that utilize the Hybrid Tracking technology. It is important to note that all other reports in the Pepperjam Partner Platform remain the same and report on commissionable data. All of the reports publishers have been using in the past are still the same. At this time, the new Hybrid Tracking and reporting is in a beta period, and Pepperjam would appreciate any feedback or suggestions as we work to improve the reporting even more. Publishers can reach us at

Below are details for each of the new reports, along with an outline of the data that each report provides. Only advertisers on Pepperjam Network that utilize the new Hybrid Tracking model will have data displaying in these particular reports. Publishers can accurately track the conversions and project the commissions they may expect from an advertiser before the batch is sent over to Pepperjam Network. This new reporting will allow publishers to project performance for the program before the order is shipped.

Real Time Demand Report for Hybrid Tracking

This report will display the following information from hybrid advertisers: Program Name, Clicks, Impressions, # of Orders, Total Order Amount, Conversion Rate and Commission Rate through this report. This report shows publishers projected earnings from an advertiser.

Real Time SID Report for Hybrid Tracking

This report will display real time orders from hybrid advertisers and the following: Program Name, Order ID, Amount, Item ID (if the merchant is itemized), Quantity, Commission Amount, Date, and the SID that was used.

Order Status Report

This report is intended to be the primary report to analyze how publisher campaigns are performing by program. The report displays the following: Program Name, Clicks, Real Time Demand Sale Amount, Real Time Demand Commission Amount, Real Time Demand Count, Pending Sale Amount, Pending Commission Amount, Pending Count, Locked Sale Amount, Locked Commission Amount, Locked Count, Paid Sale Amount, Paid Commission Amount, and Paid Count.

This report is a summary of conversion data for hybrid tracking advertisers.

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