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    Exclamation Anjolee New Program Terms
    Dear Google Affiliate Publisher,

    Thank you for being a valued part of the Anjolee Affiliate Program. We wanted to start the 2011 year off by notifying you of our revised Affiliate Program Terms. The new terms are below:

    "Anjolee" keyword is not to be used in any search term; broad, phrase, or exact on Pay Per Click campaigns on all search engines, or Search Engine Optimization activities. That covers all variation of the trademark word "Anjolee" such as Anjolee Coupon, Anjolee Discounts, etc. Publishers are not allowed to bid through PPC or SEO on any other method on "Anjolee" related keywords.

    If you have any questions or would like a personal review of our affiliate relationship, please let me know. I am available by email or phone (858) 952-0869.

    Wishing you a successful new year!

    Thank you!

    Marla Reinig, Anjolee Affiliate Program Manager


    I can understand the "PPC" part of the restriction, but it sounds like I cannot even mention the merchant's name on my web site!

    "Here is a great piece of jewelry you should buy. Sorry, but I cannot reveal the merchant's name to you!"


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    "Search Engine Optimization activities" - that kills me! I am seeing this restriction way more these days. If I can optimize my pages better than you (the merchant) can optimize yours then who's problem is that? This is a red flag for me on merchants like this.

    I'd write to the AM and ask them how they plan to enforce such a silly rule.

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