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    Unhappy Frustrated! I cannot get my ftp to work.

    I kind of have a good hang on my website, and cannot wait to do SEO, but I cannot even publish my website.

    I use KompoZer and need my publishing address. Below is the field I need to fill.

    Below are my hosting details with HawkHost.

    Username: realflig
    Hosting Package: Basic
    Shared/Dedicated IP: Refer to your control panel
    Nameserver 1:
    Nameserver 2:

    Temporarily you may use one of the addresses given below manage your web site:

    Temporary FTP Hostname:
    FTP Port: 21
    Temporary Webpage URL:
    Temporary Control Panel:

    Once your domain has propagated:

    FTP Hostname:
    FTP Port: 21
    Webpage URL:
    Domain Name Registration and Transfers, SSL certificates, whoisguard privacy protection and free domain parking
    Control Panel:

    Email accounts, webmail access, and mail server settings:

    POP3 / Incoming Server Hostname:
    POP3 Port: 110
    SMTP / Outgoing Server Hostname:
    SMTP Port: 25 or 26 (Some ISPs block port 25)
    Username : The FULL email address you create in your control panel(e.g.
    If your email client cannot accept an @ symbol, then you may replace this with a + symbol.
    Password : As specified in your control panel
    Webmail URL:
    Webmail username: The FULL email address you create in your control panel
    Webmail password: As specified in your control panel
    Now here's the problem. I have a folder where I keep all of my files including index.html, review.html, and pilot.html. I have picture, and other files too. I wish it was as easy as drag and drop the entire file into the server, or copy and paste it, instead of the complicated procedure of naming the directory, and going from there.

    I bought a domain name, and hosting service, and don't want to get hung up. I have been screwed several times in my life, and this is my opportunity to succeed. Please help! It would mean a lot to me.
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    jacked by sylon
    It would go in the - public_html - folder on the server.
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    I hate those self-publishing things if that's what you have.

    Just skip that and go download Filezilla for free.
    FileZilla - The free FTP solution

    It's super easy to configure and saves your settings under FILE, then Site Manager. Your local drive shows your files on the left and the right side shows your files on the server once you login.

    You need your host name which is probably -

    Password: whatever your cpanel password is would be the main ftp password too.

    You can create more ftp users if you want but these ones will work too. You will see the server on the top left. Click on the PLUS and go to where you want the files uploaded to and then go to the right side and left click on the files and upload them.

    Read the help sections for about 30 minutes and you'll know everything you need to know from now on. Seems like 2 hours but 30 minutes is all you need to read and you'll save 2 hours of headaches.

    Can you guys forward this URL around for Jay Stockwell and the flood victims in Queensland - 100% of all SpeedPPC Sales are donated for the 2 more days and that includes affiliate commissions too.
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    Use Filezilla
    I replied to you once but they intercepted my post for moderation first. Here's a summary of what I wrote:

    Search for filezilla and download that for free. Read the help section for 30 minutes and you'll save hours of time.

    These should be your settings in their site manager set up

    Password: whatever your cpanel password is
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    Thank you for the help. I still find FileZilla confusing since once I log in, there are many folders.

    The alternatives is KompoZer's publish functionality which somehow takes the index.html with all the other pictures, videos, etc. and posts them online. However, my hosting is not connected to my domain name, so I am trying to set that up now.

    Your help is very appreciated.

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    Just put your ftp address in the address bar of your documents it should take you to your site folder on your host then copy paste your site files in it. I only that or cpanel I hate publishing programs.
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    Looks like your problem is only in connecting to your server. Use that temporary address they gave you: 208.43 put the whole thing in that line and nothing else.

    Filezilla is easy once you understand that "all those files" on the left is the content of the hard drive of the computer you're using. Find the web site files you're working on and ignore the rest. The right side is whatever you send up to your domain on the server. If you're not connected, you won't see them on the right.

    This is the hardest part of ftp - getting the i's dotted and the t's crossed to connect.

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    Below is my domain.

    I published my index.html, and all of the files within. Yet when I visit the domain, all I get is a bunch of folders which is irrelevant to my site. I just want to put my main folder with all different pages online on a server. I am able to do it offline.

    All of my pictures, and html pages are in one FlightSim folder. I expected my server to be empty, so I could just paste my folder, and navigate from there. Instead, this whole business is complicated. One reason I get is below.

    "You can change the settings that you have just entered by accessing the "Edit | Publishing Site Settings" menu. Then click the name of your website in the left pane, under "Publishing sites". One possibility for the page not showing is that you did not specify the correct directory on your web site to publish your index.html page to".

    Is there anything I could do from my part to be specific? Below are my details.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    To be honest it looks like you have published nothing on that server. At least not in the publically viewable part. Possiby you uploaded something to the server but in some nonvisible folder.

    This page is there:
    Basically you need to put index.html in that same place, right next to it.

    Then you can navigate to:

    And that will be viewable as:

    Why dont you switch to Filezilla and use some help file or video that are everywhere for Filezilla. Try making a index.html file and upload it (as long as you are not overwriting anything in that folder called index.html). Eventually you will get it. Upload to something called publichtml or www.

    You were posting something about a .edu server. Are you trying to upload to that?

    If you saw folders in Fielzilla and they were confusing that means you were one directory up from where you need to be probably. Click in /publichtml and you will see that postinfo.html file I posted above and then jsut drop index into that.
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    the issue is that your index.html file is actually named index.html.html (at least that's your current issue)

    having windows hide known filetype extensions can be a pain sometimes. can easily make you add a second extension to the filename.
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