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    Has anyone heard this term before? Some affiliate networks have an option for this. In layman terms what does it mean, and how do we take advantage of it?

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    I'm guessing that it's really nothing all that useful. BTW -- I Googled "coreg pool" and found you asking the question on about a gazillion forums, although I only went to one where you'd asked and hadn't seen any responses yet.

    Chances are good if there's not more than that about it in Google, it isn't much to "take advantage" of for affiliate marketing. I would be interested in finding out what it means or whether anyone here finds it important. LOL!
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    Co-reg means co-registration, as in one of two things - either you're a publisher who is pushing people into a co-reg path (generally meaning a path, often run by an affiliate network, where many advertisers share the same page or path) so that you can get revenue from the offers they sign up for or you're a publisher who is collecting names for third parties who pay you for each person that co-registers for their site or offer as they register for yours.

    If you've already got the email and such from your forum and then you mail an offer to it, you're talking about email marketing, not co-reg marketing. Of course the third way which co-reg is commonly used is as "co-reg list" or "co-reg names" which is what the people on the receiving end of another person's co-reg path or page call the data they receive, but you're clearly not talking about buying co-reg data.

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