Is anyone willing to help? I'm not a programmer, can't afford to hire a programmer, am disappointed there isn't more guidance on Popshops. I'm either really close to getting things to work or I am missing out on something big. I've spent too much time trying to figure it out and am ready to give up.

I'm trying out the API plan. I have a site that is based on sales/clearances so PopShops offers no other alternative except for the API plan. I am to the point where I have a .php page on my site, which is bringing up products from my merchants. I am using the bridal script. My links won't redirect nor will they do anything. I have read to put the redirect code at the top of all other code. I have done that with the same results.

Am I missing something bigger? Am I supposed to have other pages? xml? Right now I have the popshops class as .php and my test page as .php.

Thank you in advance! I really want this to work out for me. It would be a great addition to my site! And this, sadly, is really my only option. Other than to pay someone.