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    Sub-Affiliate Programs: Do affiliates want/use this?
    I need the advice of seasoned affiliates and AM's. I've had a few affiliates ask me about a sub-affiliate program, which we currently don't do. We do offer a one time referral fee and will give them a cash bonus for each new affiliate they refer to the program but no re-occuring or two-tier commissions. I read an interesting thread here: Two Tiers - A Thing of the Past? - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum

    Sounds to me that most people commenting on that thread are not really a fan of sub-affiliate programs. Is there something other than a referral program that we could offer affiliates that would be equally attractive as a sub-affiliate program? Or should we just stick with the one time referral bonus?

    Thanks for your advice!

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    I've had a few affiliates ask me about a sub-affiliate program
    It stands to reason that what your own current affiliates are asking for should mean more to you than what a bunch of people on a forum have to say about it.
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