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    contest to generate leads and sales
    I need to generate some traffic to my site and was wondering if it is feasible to hold a contest where visitors only get entries by buying products through my aff site? To prove it, they could send me an email copy of their receipt through Clickbank, cj, etc... Also, what would be the best way to determine how many entries they receive? . . . by total dollars or number of products purchased? I could offer a gift card to Barnes & Noble, Borders, . . . or some other item relative to my site. Could i do a drawing . . . such as pull the entries from a hat, for example, to determine the winner? Would this be considered a contest, sweepstakes, raffle? Is my scenario legal? . . . I am aware I would need to check the legalities for my state. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Check into lottery and gaming laws. For the most part, contests of this sort are illegal in the US unless administrated by and for the benefit of non-profit charitable organizations which are sanctioned by the lottery commissioners in their respective state.
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    I second the post above, lots of lead gen offers are extremely watchful of fraud, as it is the easiest to get by (at least in the past). There have been some awesome efforts to clean that up, with any advertiser I have ever worked with, or any offer that is any type of quick submit/lead gen - they won't let you do anything other than straight up campaign testing (legit search, media, mail). That means no facebook fan pages (some may allow) no craigslist, no contest, etc... Hope this helps.

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