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    Ok so.. i was looking around at affiliat cell phone sites and I noticed something interesting.. a handful of affiliates have their logo in the top left of their site and when yuo click on their affiliate link.. in theory you get sent to the mercahnts site, a1wirless, inphonic or foncentral.. as per usuall BUT>.... then I noticed on some affiliates sites you would do this and you know you have landed at A1wireless BUT instead of seeing A1wireless logo in the top left. you see the same you just came froms logo..

    So i contacted the merchants to ask and was told this.. Yes you can have a log on our site.. some said no you cant.. and they were obviously taling BS as i said.. look here are the URLS and they are like no they have done.. that.. Oh really i said.. so they have taken their logo and given it to yo and put it on your server have they LOL give me a break more Merchants BS...

    anyway before i get sidetracked.. reason i want to know what you think is it a good idea to have your logo on your merchnats site? will it confuse buyers? yes no?

    or.. will it make them worried as they dont know your site but many know FONCENTRAL... so whats the point of the logo thing.. and as i know the option is there for having it or not..

    given the chance Would you have your logo on your merchants site in the top corner or not???


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    Anything that strengthens the relationship between merchants and affiliates seems good to me.

    We're in business together...let's be proud of it. We'd be happy to run our affiliates' logos on our site.
    Rob Palmer

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    Inphonics has allowed affiliates to use their own logo on the Inphonics start page for a long time.

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    Hey all, YES! Seems to now be that some if not all affiliates of cell phone sales allow a logo. I remember when I added an on-line cellular sale system I had to get a nice amount of orders to qualify and now they will allow an agent to have a logo as long as they get a few orders a month. Alot of changes have been made to this industry good and bad and this is why I opened my own CellPhone affiliate site and my stores pay upwards of 75-100 a sale and we have a great staff that handle all customers needs with over 21 years in the wireless industry. Downside is the applicant needs a store location in Jersey or New York and must qualify to sell Sprint PCS in their location. My Corporate Rep visits qualified applicants by appointment.

    Hope this helps,
    Good Luck with your ventures!


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