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    Why did you get rid of deal feed?
    Just wondering why Groupon disabled the Deal Feed that was available to their users. It was a tab available and now it is no longer there.
    are the lost pageviews worth the loss of convenience to your users?
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    I'm not sure, I still see mine... Drop a note to our customer support folks and ask why you can't see it on your account. Weird. support -at- groupon dot com

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    January 25th, 2011
    Probably a dumb question but where *was* the deal feed? I don't see it either, but not exactly sure where I should be looking.

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    It would be in the top black bar, two to the right of the Groupon logo... but I think it only appears in markets where we're testing Groupon Stores (which allows businesses to create their own Groupons and add them to our inventory on their own)

    You can read more about it here!
    Coming Soon: Groupon Stores and the Deal Feed Groublogpon – The Serious Blog of Groupon

    Hope that helps!

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