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    Can you tell who someone is by there ip address?

    One of my sites was included in an email sent out to other affiliates as an example of how to customize a template. Since then my site traffic has gone up about 300%.

    Looking at my log reports it seems like it the same person or bot logging in again and again. The difference in the ip address is very small, just a few digits.

    I am a little concerned about parasite activity. Can someone give me some way to check out this activity?


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    It sounds like they may have Internet Explorer set to synchronize your site ever so often. I believe you'll see things like repeat visits in a short amount of time when this is happening.

    Banning the ip range in .htaccess for a week or so should stop them.
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    You can plug an ip address into the whois box at
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Can you tell who someone is by there ip address? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>No. The closest you can come is to look at the owner of the IP address block.

    Use the whois lookup tool on that page that loxly provided.

    It'll very likely be some ISP somewhere which will only tell you that it's probably some individual playing with a script or spider. Sometimes you can catch a specific company owned block.

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