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    Question from a student...
    Hi, I am doing some research about internet businesses (specifically affiliate marketing and coupons) for a business class I am currently taking for graduate school and was hoping to get some info from someone here on this board (I stumbled across a thread about retailmenot being unethical). My main question is how does retailmenot make money when users submit links? My understanding is that affiliate advertisers are given specific links/banners/etc. that have to be clicked for the affiliate network to recognize that the advertiser sent the merchant the business. Obviously, this isn't the case with retailmenot since people only post coupon codes. So, how do the affiliate networks know to pay retailmenot? Any info is appreciated...thanks much


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    Maybe they convert the codes to link through their account?

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    Scoot82, for obvious reasons we would rather not discuss the mechanics of how unethical businesses operate.

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