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    How do I find affiliates that will sell my product
    I have been doing affiliate marketing via clickbank, but now I wan't to find affilities with more experience and resources and I don't know where to start. Any suggestions?

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    A New Program Announcement could help to get you started.
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    You can find them in forums,Twitter,Facebook interact with them, be sure to offer them high commission and show them why your product is worth their time. Have a good affiliate page, with banners, possibly a review copy of the product you sell, articles. Basically give them as much tools as possible.

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    check in other affiliate sites like CB. commission junction is one of them. you can also Google it and you will get good results of your problem. so do it now and start new program which is more expensive.

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    Be sure to also make their life easier. Create tons of creative and written assets they can use.

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    i'm not really sure I understand the question... Do you want to create your own products and find affiliates? or do you want to be affiliated to affiliate programs other than Clickbank with a broader range of products (maybe even including physical products)?

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    You can visit on other affiliate programs such as Commission Junction and Amazon. Both are very famous and reliable. As you've the experiences of affiliate with clickbank so it'll be easy to start with other sites. So start searching for more info about this and you can find the best one for marketing.

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