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We're proud to announce another addition to the AffiliateManager.com Family - BrainBullet.com!

About us:

Brain Bullet is currently used by over 5,000 people worldwide, from all walks of life — it's installed on the computers of corporate bosses, office workers, and shop assistants... to plumbers, web designers, writers, school teachers and home-makers... even government employees!

Brain Bullet sits in your computer's system tray, and displays targeted affirmations on your screen at speed. These "affirmations" are merely statements of positive intent — beliefs that you want your mind to accept as fact, without destroying their core objectives with conscious thought.

It works on the principles of exposure and suggestion. The more exposure your mind gets to a particular belief, the more it begins to believe it. For instance, an adult who was constantly told she was over-weight as a child may still believe it... even if it's not true. This is "belief over reality", or suggestion.

The more times she was told she was over-weight, the more it affirmed it. That's "exposure".

In this case, this person's affirmation, or belief, is "I am over-weight". Oftentimes, the negative beliefs are so well in-grained that even though they may not be true, it takes tremendous effort to convince the mind of otherwise... (and the mind will go to great lengths to protect its own beliefs -- it's livelihood depends on what it has become to accept as "fact").

For many people, these false beliefs have become their core thinking. Whether it was conditioning by their parents, their teachers, their peers or society, many people grow up with a limited set of beliefs... often assuming success is unattainable for them, that life is destined to be a struggle, and that they have little to no chance of ever succeeding themselves... as well as other limiting ideologies.

Brain Bullet! works using the same model in reverse, correcting and destroying the old beliefs that have created false self-impressions, poor habitual behavior and limited your abilities... and replacing them with powerful, positive, uplifting beliefs of intent.

Bullet Points:

  • Learn new skills at lightning speeds — absorb facts like a cranial sponge, pick-up information at rapid speeds, understand new ideas and concepts faster than ever.
  • Expand your capacity for thought — juggle ideas at speed, recognize instant solutions to otherwise complex problems, easily conceive new possibilities and enhance your creativity, effortlessly.
  • Develop a "super glue" memory — recall information at lightning speeds, gain immediate entry to your unlimited memory banks, remember names and faces with ease and accuracy, every time.
  • Ramp your creativity up to the highest notch — enjoy the power of truly limitless thought, visualize new and exciting business ventures, rapidly digest new ideas, expand your mind and each of your senses... and benefit from variety and adventure in your life.

Program Details:

Affiliate Program: Promote Products for 'wccltd'

Commission: 40%

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