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    Linkshare affiliate ID

    Can someone tell me how to get my affiliate ID for Linkshare, where to find it?

    I hate their help system, search and search and you end up with tons of links and by the time you find the right answer then it is vague and non understandable, at least for me!,

    Thanks in advance.

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    Different for each LinkShare Channel
    I believe what you refer to is different, for each LinkShare Channel (one web site). The tracking codes are different, for each domain (Channel) that you have with LinkShare.

    Each web site has an ID number, which you will see in the upper right hand corner of the welcome screen for each web site. Site ID or SID I believe it is called. If you have more than one "Channel" (web site), you need to be sure, when you get links, that you are on that Channel, so the tracking will work properly for you.

    Your login user name is for any and all Channels you have with LinkShare. HTH

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    Your Site ID/SID is located on the upper right corner after you log into the interface. It is different for each marketing channel. Keep in mind this is not your tracking code and it is mainly used to easily identify a marketing channel.

    Your tracking code is actually embedded within the link you retrieve from our interface.

    After logging into the Publisher Dashboard, view the code from any link from any advertiser. Within the link you will find the code "click.linksynergy...". In that code you will find a 11 character id in the parameter "click?id=11 character id here". This id is your tracking id.

    Let me know if you have any questions.


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