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    Groupon: Site Testing Today!
    Hello hello!

    Our dev team is going to take our site through some load testing today, so that we can ensure our site doesn't go down on some larger deals that we have in the pipeline for February. I'll drop hints for two of them: one is for a large florist distributor (perfect for Valentine's!), the other is for a large national book retailer.

    Because we will be testing the site, we have implemented secondary tracking on our end to ensure that all affiliate-referred transactions are tracked. At the end of the day, we will be running a report to ensure that all affiliate transactions were tracked through CJ. If they weren't, we'll manually enter in sales, and troubleshoot what might've caused the drop.

    Just to be clear, we are only doing this because we want to improve site performance on heavy load days, and to ensure that on those days affiliate tracking is not impacted.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding with this, not that we are anticipating any makegoods, but if there are any, I'll credit them all at our new customer rate.

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    Just closing this out, testing was completed at 2p yesterday, and all went well! We are ready for February

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