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    hey all,
    EDITED ------
    I guess I am not allowed to use stats, which makes this question a bit hard if not impossible, but the long and short of it is that google is far out performing ebay and searchfeed.

    I am thinking of replacing ebay with amazon and searchfeed with another search related company, any suggestions? should I be happy that google is doing well and allow the other 2 to low ball me? The pages are dynamic and can be altered to show matching content from amazon or something like them.

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    What is the theme of your site? What keywords are used to find your site? You should find a merchant that sells what you are promoting.

    You may want to stay away from ebay and amazon if you are looking to make money. That is my personal belief. Find a good, independent merchant that has a good program and a good payout. To me, 8% and above is a good payout.

    Also, think about what you are selling. If you are selling lingerie, you might be wasting your time. People will buy 2 or 3 thongs at a couple bucks a piece. 10% of 10.00 bucks is only a dollar. Not very good.

    Hope that helps.

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    thanks for the words, to clarify we have many sites under many many themes and subjects, but the "pay off" page is similiar on all of them, so that is why a single merchant would need to be a sort of "jack of all trades" if you will cause one site might be about lingerie and another site may be about stereo's but too many sites to do too much specific coding per subject, and sometimes the theme bleeds, in other words we have a site about cannons (the type that fire balls of lead) but one of our strongest payout pages is canon the camera on that page) so I need the affiliate to be able to figure out what products is best to show on the page given the term.

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    Sharing your adwords income figures is against the TOS, you might want to edit those out of your post.
    Deborah Carney

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