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    Does anyone have ideas for places to submit press releases for free.. or close to free?

    Other than PR Web as I have already done that.
    I looked at Internet Retailer, but could not find exact PR information in their media kit.

    Thank You!
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    We use Send2press but it's not free.

    They were very good and get your release online in few hours so it can be found.

    They also give you stats on the clickthrus
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    On a related, but different vein, there is , which is a resource for free articles. The idea being, you write an article relevant to your industry, include a link to your site in your bio, and it gets downloaded by others and used as content on their site.

    One of those weekly spammy tech newsletters sent the link to me recently, but it is one of the articles I actually read. So, I don't know how useful it is, but it might generate some inbound links.
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    I made this list for a B2B consulting client of mine 2 years ago - probably out of date somewhat now - but a click or two on each and you'll know...

    Free Sites:
    Announce new sites:
    PR Web:
    Free Press:
    You can also search for Small local papers, business journals, employment journals, school newspapers(college/university) and industry-related web / news sites too.

    Pay Sites:
    State Press Associations: (low cost regional distribution)
    Advanced PR:
    Internet Wire:
    PR News Wire:

    Have fun!

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    Thank you so much for your help everyone


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    Hello friends.

    I want to try submitting to press releases as a marketing strategy to promote my ebook. But how do I actually go about it? What are the guidelines for submission? Is it also true that they won't publish your report unless you donate a certain sum of money? Thanks, guys.

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