I've been sick for a while with an unusual neuromuscular condition that manifests itself with symptoms that range from moderately to totally disabling.

For almost 6 months, I'm been strangely crippled where I cannot raise my arms or keep my head up for more than a few minutes without intense, lingering pain. This pretty much precludes typing. Of all the crazy things, I never thought I would end up like this for a protacted period. Even this post was written in stages.

I've looked at voice activated software like Naturally Speaking and ViaVoice but they seem to lend themselves more to straight dictation rather than varied PC tasks. Typically, I move between say, Front Page, an FTP client, a couple of open folder locations, notes I keep, a few web sites, etc.

Any affiliates, webmasters have tips for alternate accessibility options that would allow me to use a computer for longer stretches?