With Valentine's Day just around the corner, GlassesShop is sending love to their dear affiliate friends and loyal customers by releasing GlassesShop Valentine's day coupon. Get 20% OFF on orders over $80 with code GSVA2011! Both banners and text links are available through your affiliate interface. Hurry up now, the code will expire Feb 14, 2011!

GlassesShop Valentine's Day Coupon Details
Merchant: Glassesshop.com
Promotion: GlassesShop Valentine's Day Offer
Coupon Code: GSVA2011
Short Description: 20% Off on Orders over $80
Dates Valid: 2011/02/01-2011/02/14

1. The promotion is only available on Glassesshop.com and may not be combined with any sales, specials, or other offers at Glassesshop.
2. The code is only available to orders over $80.
3. The coupon code will expire Feb 14, 2011.

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