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    How Not To Recruit Affiliates
    I just had to share this humorous series of emails...

    Slightly abbreviated and details removed to protect the clueless:

    Quote Originally Posted by Network Notification
    Commission Change Notification

    Cluess Merchant has lowered your commissions from X% to Y% (a 33% drop).
    Quote Originally Posted by Clueless Merchant
    Getting on your site

    I would like to get listed on your site. We pay Y% commissions.
    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Coley
    RE: Getting on your site

    Yeah, I just got the notification that you cut the commissions from X% to Y%. No thanks.
    Quote Originally Posted by Clueless Merchant
    RE: Getting on your site

    If I put it back to X% would you reconsider?
    So, what do you think? Will I promote this merchant?

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    Nice , the alternate "Robbery and Carrot" method of motivation. Respond with a request of X+Y commission
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    Not likely, though I'm sure they would consider you ungrateful of their generous offer.

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    someone tried a prank on you or may be He/She really talks in this way ALOL.
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    Hi Michael...

    Great e-mail series..
    These days many affiliate recruiters are tricking affiliates with x+y commission juggling. But the question is how to identify these pranks in very first mail as initial offer seems to be very pretty. I have seen even 150% commission commitment.


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