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    Ineedhits send me at least one email EVERY DAY, sometimes two to try and get me to sign up to their ripoff Overture Sitematch service. I used to be an Inktomi PFI customer, so I guess they think it's OK to spam me in this way.

    I'm not quite sure why they think I'm interested in thieving dishonest shitbags like Yahoo, Overture and Ineedhits. I've told them that if they send me another promotional email then I will report them as spammers.

    These lowlife scum really piss me off.
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    I'm with you Moo!
    I got FU*KED by Ink too and vowed to never do business with yahoo programs ever again.



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    You really have to wonder how successful Site Match has been.

    I just can't see small businesses (many of which have used Inktomi) signing up for site match, given the complete inability to target keywords. Not too mention their pricing isn't all that good either.
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