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    CT Affiliates - We Need Your Help TODAY!
    Connecticut Affiliates,

    We need your help to fight the advertising tax in Connecticut! You can
    show your support by sending emails opposing the advertising tax. We
    have provided all the information you need below to make it more
    convenient for you. We appreciate your time with this important and
    time sensitive matter.

    Below are 2 emails for the Under Secretary and the Legislative Liaison
    members. By sending this out today you can help make a difference for

    Email Your at the addresses below if you send an email to Sue Sherman
    please ask her to “tell the commissioner”.

    Gian–Carl Casa
    Under Secretary
    Office of Policy & Management

    Sue Sherman
    Dep. of Revenue Services
    Legislative Liaison

    Below are 2 tools to help you: talking points if you want to create
    your own letter/email, and a complete template. There are a lot of
    reasons to oppose this bill, but we believe these simple points
    most to legislators.

    Talking Points:
    Be extremely polite and respectful. Do not express your frustration
    over the bill or the process.

    Highlights to keep in mind:

    - You oppose the bill because it doesn’t help Connecticut’ budget, and
    will devastate your income.

    - You have a website and you earn an income by providing ads on your

    - Describe a little about your business or web sites (in simplest
    terms) and why affiliate marketing is important to you.

    - If passed, your out-of-state retailers will terminate, like they
    in New York, North Carolina and Rhode Island. And your income will be

    - End with a direct request: Please do not support HB 5543
    it will devastate my small business. Sincerely...

    Email Template:

    Subject: I oppose HB 5543 - internet referral nexus bill

    Dear [ ]:

    I strongly oppose HB 5543, the dealer registration tax bill. If
    bill passes, the state will NOT gain additional taxes, and my small
    business income will be devastated in the process.

    My income is earned by selling advertising on web sites.
    insert a few words describing your websites, and why affiliate
    marketing is important to you – keep it simple!]

    This bill claims that by advertising on my websites, out-of-state
    retailers will be forced to collect sales tax from Connecticut
    citizens. But the bill misses one very critical out-of-state
    retailers will simply stop advertising on my websites to avoid having
    to collect sales tax – and my income will be devastated.

    This isn’t an idle threat, my peers in NY, NC and RI had their online
    advertising businesses nearly wiped out overnight when hundreds of
    retailers terminated their advertising agreements when similar laws
    passed. I am certain they will terminate me if the law passes here.
    If passed, this law would wipe out my business and still not collect
    any new sales tax dollars because the out-of-state merchants would
    have nexus because they terminated me.

    I urge you reject HB 5543. It will not earn any additional tax
    for Connecticut, and it will damage my business in the process.


    Thanks for your support!
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    I'm sorry: please refer to the bill as "HB 5543" instead of "Bill 5543" in your emails.

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    Hi CowboysFan,

    Thank you for your efforts in spreading the news! We appreciate everything you're doing. The reason we don't post the letters up on ABW directly is because we don't want the opposition to view what we are doing and do the same. We've seen this happen several times that's why we're very contained about it. Thanks again!

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