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    Undoubtedly, you've heard about Groupon's Super Bowl commercials, but what you might not have heard yet, is that the commercials were actually tied in with a matched funds fundraising campaign for the charities involved.

    There is one charity in particular that I think you could really knock out of the park...

    With the Greenpeace deal, if the consumer donates $15 to Greenpeace, we'll give the consumer $15 Groupon bucks. And, here's the fun'll still earn commission.

    I think that's a pretty sweet hookup

    I'll make my purchase through the first affiliate to email me their tracking code!

    Here's the tracking link, all you need to do is plugin your PID in place of the CJPID placeholder:
    HTML Code:
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    I may be too late, but email sent! Thanks!

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