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    Affiliate marketing program if website receives visitors from around the world

    My blog, Capturing Penang, receives visitors from Asia, Europe, and the US (pretty much split evenly).

    I want to use affiliate marketing from quality brand names in travel, like Priceline or Expedia, but I think they are country specific. I am worried that if I sign up for Priceline, and someone from Singapore clicks on it and buys something, then I won't receive any commission. Is this correct?

    What is the best affiliate program for people with global visitors to their blog? (doesn't have to be travel related)



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    Welcome aboard.

    You have a very nice looking blog....I book marked it so that I can go back again.

    It appears that you are on one of the free blog hosts...Am I right??? If I am right, my first suggestion is to register you own domain name and find a host for your site.

    I believe that you will need to do this in order to monetize your site.

    I do not know about the travel merchants that you mentioned, but I do know that there are merchants in other niches that sell and ship their products worldwide.

    Good luck and again, I like your site.
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