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    I am using the PHP code to make the SEO better. Question... what does the spiders and bots actually see and index? If the page my products are shown is not open, do the spiders see anything? When the page is loaded there are only 16 products... what do the spiders see then... just the 16 products and descriptions?

    Thanks in advance for your guidance.

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    major search engine spiders sooner or later take note of each link on your site. they generally come back later and index part (at least) of the words on each page.

    you can tell a little of what has happened in google if you go to the google search page and type in: and if google has indexed any pages, you should see some of them in the result.

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    google webmaster tools has an option to see your page as the google spider does.

    if information loads via ajax, chances are the spider won't see it.

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