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    Stopping Affiliate Newsletters after dropping merchant
    OK, this is getting to be quite annoying.

    I've recently decided to focus on just one narrow niche, and to drop merchants who don't serve that niche well. This decision has led me to withdraw from about 95% of my advertising relationships ("affiliate programs"), at SAS, CJ, and GAN.

    Unfortunately, some merchants and OPMs just keep sending me their "affiliate newsletters" -- often from "no-reply" email addresses, and often with no clear "unsubscribe" or "opt-out" instructions.

    These are being sent "outside of" the advertising-technology providers (affiliate networks), mostly using third-party email-marketing services. Of course, the advertising-technology providers (affiliate networks) don't make it easy for merchants or OPMs to manage this process. I don't think merchants or OPMs can see a report or list of publishers who've withdrawn from their programs, and certainly not the publishers' email addresses for each "matching" with their external service.

    I understand that my complaints mean little to individual merchants' in-house advertising/affiliate managers; after all, I've ended my advertising relationship with their company, so they get no benefit from taking the time to remove me from their lists. And for those merchants, if my attempts to "unsubscribe" fail, I can simply flag their newsletter as "junk" so that future editions will flow straight into my junk folder.

    But I'm surprised at the attitude I've encountered from some OPMs. One actually insisted that I manually unsubscribe myself from each of the lists they maintain using an outside service (and I can only do this as newsletters arrive in my in-box). The OPM deliberately set up separate accounts for each merchant, so the email service provider's regular "unsubscribe from all mailings from this company" didn't work.)

    Yes, there's an obvious solution: set up a filter in my email program so that any email with the OPM agency's name in any header will fall into the "junk" folder. But that means that if the OPM is later retained by a merchant who serves my niche, I won't see their recruitment emails, and if I join a program managed by this OPM, I won't see that merchant's newsletters.

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    I moved my vanity email address to Google for more security and spam control. When I get an unsolicited email I first try to opt-out then I report it as spam. It is automatically sent to my spam filter and its my hope that they get a spam complaint. I can tell you that if they use a service like Constant Contact they will quickly lose their account from a few spam complaints. It took me weeks to clear a blacklist from AOL for an agency I worked with because they didn't properly setup their return email path.

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