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    Hello everyone,

    Though I have been quietly reading the posts on ABW since before the nice new redesign, I finally started my own affiliate site. If it isn't to much to ask for some feedback, do the pros on ABW like the idea of a Review style Fitness and Nutrition website. I have been really into fitness for about 15 years now and I have been testing all of these newer home workout products. My goal is to provide an objective review of the "as seen on TV" products so my readers can decide for themselves which product is right to meet their fitness goals. I will also be reviewing supplements and vitamins as well, and produce a daily blog of new workouts to try to keep my readers involved.

    Any feedback about my website idea will be greatly appreciated.



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    Welcome aboard Pasada84. Fitness and nutrition is a pretty crowded niche, but it certainly sounds like you have enough passion for the subject to be successful. It you would like a review of your site, you should post it here: Site / Logo / Banner Review.

    Good luck.

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    Hi, are you looking for a single product OR a wholesale lot?

    If you are running your own business and wondering to purchase a wholesale lot then is best place purchase anything in lots.
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