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    On this board I read that cookies were overwritten by parasites. What does this specially mean? Overwritten? Are they changed? And if yes, why can we not write-protect our cookies?


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    I think it just means that the parasites are replacing your cookies with theirs. It just means that if you had a cookie on your computer from a particular merchant, let's say for example uBid (a merchant with CJ) it would be replaced by the parasites cookie for uBid. The parasites have several different ways of doing this. Some have found ways to load the cookie directly to your computer. Others just alter your browser so whenever you visit a page with a particular merchants cookie it will replace the code from that cookie to their own code for that merchant. So if a parasite is a member of all the same affiliate programs that you are and they have installed a program on a users computer so that all cookies from those programs are altered to their cookies, then every time that user visits one of your pages all the ads will belong to the parasite. This is particularly frustrating, because it's like your building pages for the benefit of the people that make the parasite programs. Although almost all methods that the parasites use violate the TOS of nearly every major affiliate program, it has still been a struggle to shut the parasites down. Even when they are shut down, their programs will still steal sales from your site, they just won't be credited to the parasites.

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