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    Question Coupon Forum need advice on Coupon Feed

    I own a large old coupon forum that receives over 1k uniques per day consistently.

    Currently Ive only it monetised via adsense and I think I really should have a coupon feed of some sort on it.

    Its a Vbulletin based forum.

    I see that the feeds seem to cost alot of money, my site currently makes low $xxxx a month from adsense, so I figure that a coupon feed will work on it successfully.

    Any Advice appreciated


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    There are a few coupon feed providers and they are a little pricey but considering the work you would need to do to have valid and up to date coupons it is well worth the price if you have the traffic - and it sounds like you do.

    You will need to sign up at the networks that provide the coupons and be accepted into the merchants programs who are providing the coupons. Pretty sure that the Coupon Feed folks can give you all the details.

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    if you have the kind of traffic you say you do on your website..i'd like to buy a link on it

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    I just got 600$ from a massive coupon site for a 12 month sitewide link.
    Sure if you want a link no problem can do a monthly subscription for you.
    Drop me an email info (@)

    Thats what got me to thinking well this guy has no adsense on his coupon site and what looked like multiple feeds, and massive traffic, a goliath, so I thought I better investigate.

    Currently Im looking at OWs Coupon script , is anyone else using that?
    Seems to me the hard part is joining all the individual merchants where OWs have something that will apply to them all on autopilot in the space of a few hours using my affiliate logons.

    Any advice appreciated on whether to commit or not, its alot of cash but sure Its less then fmtc etc a month.
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    I'd look at ForMeToCoupon. Their work is clean without a bunch of typos and the deals make sense.
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    Ok Ive stalled on going with the other company.....

    Ive signed up with CJ, Linkshare, Shareasale and Google and being approved.

    Whats the best way of applying to each merchant, is there any tool available that will apply on autopilot to each merchant in each network?

    Just it would take me forever to figure out which ones to apply for as Im new to this and I can see it taking alot of time applying to each manually.

    FMTC seems very expensive, what sort of returns are people making from this roughly? The people who visit my forum are hungry for coupons!

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    You might try contacting the network and asking their publisher group to push you to the advertisers. Both Shareasale and AvantLink have excellent coupon feeds at no cost and both have active forums here.

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