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    Pinkice closed at GAN?
    I received a promotional email from Pinkice on February 1st via my GAN account, and it included "Log into your GAN account for our newest banners, text links, offers and special deals"

    As of today they now show up as "TERM - Pinkice"

    I gather they closed over at GAN, but why would you send an email to affiliates encouraging them to check for banners, instead of telling them the program is being closed?

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    It could be a case of the left hand not informing the right. Many organizations don't inform employees of pending closure because they're afraid that they'll jump ship before the final day leaving them short handed or that their employees will rob them blind.

    It's quite possible that the affiliate manager didn't know that the company or program was closing at the time of the promotional message.

    Just one possibility.

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    They still have a GAN sign-up link on their home page footer.

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    I show they terminated; program ending end of February.

    Interesting. Will look into this further.


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    Pink Ice has a program on Impact Radius..

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