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    Site Monetization | Need Help
    I've been an avid SEO and SEM expert for about five (5) years now and those skills have allowed me to build and design a general purpose resource website about horses that get's about 500,000 visits a month. I'm now wanting to know the best avenue for monetizing the site (google adwords, banner, text link ads, etc.). Any suggestions would be HIGHLY appreciated along with any names of an affiliate marketing consultant that could help me.


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    Hello gosmartyjones. Welcome to ABestWeb.

    In our niche we have seen that cat owners spend good money on their pets, dog people spend large amounts of money on their animals, and horse owners spend obscene amounts of money on their animals. So you should be able to earn a good bit with that kind of traffic.

    AdSense, not AdWords, is one avenue in which you might experiment. Another would be selling actual products via text links (product reviews, mentions, descriptions, etc) through actual merchants. I would lean toward selling "real" products. However, I mentioned "experiment" because you should try A-B testing on a variety of pages to see which works well in different situations. Good luck with your monetization. (Banner ads don't seem to do as well as text links going directly to product pages.)

    There is a wealth of information in these ABW pages to help bring you up to speed. You might consider spending some time looking through the Affiliate Academy section.
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    Adsense and relevant banner ads are worth playing with.

    You could also build out subdirectories with categorized storefronts selling relevant merchandise.... western wear, tack supplies, saddles, horse-themed collectibles. There are plenty of vendors with affiliate programs to fill the bill.
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    Remember to start slowly and test everything. You want to see how much you can make, but you also want to test to see if the pages per visit goes down once ads are introduced. Try to blend the AdSense ads into the colors of your site. They should look like links instead of ads.
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    Why not sell horses itself????
    I have seen websites that actually sell horses of different breeds. Try to find out if there is any affiliate program for them. Or you can also approach organizations that sell horse products to advertise on your site. 500,000 visitors is HUGE and placing an ad can fetch you a lot when you have such a massive audience.

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    You can try a mix of (CPC) paid to click ads and CPM ads, which pay you based on the webpage and ad impressions. You could go for tribalfusion or burst media.

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    Have you signed up with any merchants such as magazines or calendars, checks, all kinds of merchandise that are horse related and put their banners or widgets on your site?
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