Here is one of my poems that I wrote.

Dreaming of Doom

The night grows darker,
As a cloud passes over the moons space,
Like long bony fingers,
Slowly caressing its face.
The wind blows in gusts,
Tree limbs bounce and sway,
Tapping at your window,
Beckoning for you to come their way.

The pumpkin glows,
Spewing forth an eerie light.
It's evil, sneering face,
Giving cause for fright.

Right close by,
A cat gives a piercing yowl.
While off in the distance,
Something begins to howl.

Your mind races with fear.
A shiver travels down your spine.
Is that an ordinary howl,
Or will "They" come for you this time?

As you stop to ponder,
What will be your fate,
The howling grows louder, .... closer,...
Should you be safe and hide,
Or just stay still and wait?

Then there it is!
The scratching at your door!
You are left to wonder no more!

The hair on the back of your neck,
Stands straight and tall,
As you turn to retreat,
They BURST through the wall!

They pounce upon you,
Dragging you to the floor,
Their hot breath on your skin,
Let's you know the feasting will soon begin.

You scream and you struggle,
Putting up quite a fight.
"They" may not be your demise,
You may just die of fright!

Then, as the first bite,
They start to take,
You sit bolt upright,
Suddenly wide awake.

Your panicked darting eye's,
Quickly search the room.
Then you realize with a sigh of relief,
You have only been dreaming of doom!