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    Reusing shops on different websites
    This is just a general question - do many of you reuse the exact same Popshop on different websites (same style, same everything)? So far I have not had reason to do so, but soon may.

    Is there any problem in reusing shops? Would it be detrimental to SEO?


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    The age old discussion of duplicate content.

    I have done it a few time when I am in a hurry to get something up, but with the idea that I will change it in the future,

    When I have done this, it is always on different servers (hosts)

    PS.....If you are using the jaca script.........does it really matter??
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    If I had to do it temporarily I would pop in the js. version so it wouldn't get dinged for dupe content. The good thing about PS is that it is highly unlikely that anyone else has the identical set of products/descriptions that you have, especially with editing, but reusing a shop would most likely get picked up.

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