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    This is a first. spammed by one of my affiliates

    We are one of your affiliates on LinkShare. We would like to introduce you to our new site, is a powerful commerce-centric social networking site intended to provide useful shopping information to consumers and lead to new customers for businesses.

    By placing links to on using the banners below you can get more exposure and customers. The banners invite your customers to look up on and share their experiences with it with their Facebook friends quickly and easily. Customers can either recommend to their friends with a single click, or post full detailed reviews and post those to Facebook easily. If any coupons or other information are available to assist them in the shopping process, they can find or share those on also. Existing satisfied customers and site visitors are your best advocates and their friends' most trusted resource for online shopping decisions!
    and on with the baners and such.
    must have been a slow day
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    It sounds like one of your affiliates taking the time to clearly explain what they're doing. It doesn't sound like spam (and I'm normally very quick to condemn spammers).
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    Mark, it sounds like they are wanting the merchant to place banner links for the affiliate on the merchant site. It's a unique approach to merchant promotion, I'll give them that. Place my links on your site Mr. Merchant and when the consumer clicks through they'll be helped in finding more information about you.


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    OK, the first time I read this I didn't read carefully. It certainly is a promotional email (not informational). However, I don't really see how it's very different from what advertisers send to publishers every day.

    No, I don't expect merchants to post banners or links to publisher sites (this would be a "leak" which other publishers would properly object to). Yes, it's a bit strange. But spam? Not quite.

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    That's not spam... and it is informational.
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    sounds more like inviting the president to your birthday party. futile and effortless, but in the extreme unlikely event it happens, what a great payoff.

    in fact, I'm going to build a review site and send an email off to right now to see if they'll just redirect their customers to me so they can review and buy items from my site.
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    Shopping directories of all kinds do this all the time - affiliates call them leaks.

    Upfront, tjoos, TheFind, and so on...
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