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    Help with Zappos links please
    Hi - I used to able to use any of Zappos' html links to redirect visitors to specific landing pages by selecting a page of products- eg "narrow green womens dress shoes" and then placing the landing page I wanted into the Destination URL box and then updating the code. However I can no longer seem to do this due to the way the new Zappos site is set up. If I search for a page with, for example, the criteria above, and then copy and paste the very long URL into the destination URL box and update the code, it doesn't work.

    Does anyone know a way around this? It's really annoying. I don't like the new site at all.

    Thanks for any help. Can any replies be not too technical please! Cheers

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    Have you tried doing a product link search for particular items?
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    I'm not sure what you are doing wrong, but you can build a link to any "search result" at Zappos very easily.

    Your particular search phrase turned up zero results, so perhaps that's why you're having problems?

    But, using the search terms "Green Womens Dress Shoes", you end up on this page of the Zappos site: Free Shipping

    Zappos puts the search terms right in the url.

    In CJ, use the Zappos text link and redirect the url to the above one. I got it to work for me just fine.

    Edit : The new Zappos site sort of "grows" on you after a while. I didn't like it initially, either, but now it's ok - although I don't think it's a big step up from the old site. I think the new site was done to make future stuff they want to do possible - the old site I read somewhere had "code limitations" on what could be done.
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    All I do is search for any product and copy the link. After the = sign delete the given URL and encode the URL you want the link to go to and put it there instead.

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