I dropped Personal Creations 2-3 years ago.

They were on Linkshare, and since my LS email account is set to receive no emails from anyone except if my LS account is closed, I never heard from them again

Apparently they've moved to GAN

My email settings there are the same as Linkshare. Unless GAN deactivates me, I don't want to hear from anyone.

I've also rec'd confirmation from GAN higher ups that my account is set to "Private", meaning merchants don't even know I exist.

Staring in October, I started getting emails from Cara Kalnow with a GAN address stating
Personal Creations Moves Its Affiliate Program to Google Affiliate Network

The emails, like the Personal Creations website itself, was filled with links to all the other Provide Commerce sites. Why anyone would promote a site that has more external links to other companies then themselves is beyond me

I responded in no uncertain terms that I was not interested in ever partnering with Personal Creations, Red Envelope, Cherry Moon Farms or any other Provide Commerce merchant

It's bad enough they ignored my email settings and spammed me, but it didn't stop. They keep coming.

Subject: Rejoin Personal Creations Program - Action Needed
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 15:53:03 -0600
From: Cara Kalnow <carakalnow@google.com>
To: mkropko <mkropko@providecommerce.com>


Personal Creations is now exclusively offering its affiliate program
through Google Affiliate Network (GAN).

Please note old LinkShare links are no longer active or commissionable,
so click here to be auto approved into our program.

Cara Kalnow and Mike Kropko
Personal Creations' Account Managers
Here's my formal complaint:

If I'm an aff of a merchant and they change Networks - fine. They have my information.

Since this email is asking me to re-activate, that means this merchant is passing along information on more then their CURRENT affiliates.

If I LEAVE a merchant, my contact information should NOT be passed on forever to whatever Network, firm, family of brands, OPM they may work within the future.

When our business relationship ends, it's assumed that's the end of it. The "Terminate Relationship" button needs to be adhered to.

All My Best,
Billy Kay